Exclusive Conferences in Bay Area in 2014

Below you will get the top most exclusive conferences in Bay Area 2014.

1 March 2014

Program: Female Founders meeting

Location of the conference:

Computer History Museum, 1401 N Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA 94043

Guests will talk about many important issues and share practical guidance from their own practical experience. Discover from these pioneers how they began, what bad things have happened, what amazed them and what happened as the companies matured.


Elizabeth Iorns, Founder, Science Exchange

Julia Hartz, Founder, Eventbrite

Diane Greene, Founder, VMware

Michelle Crosby, Founder, Wevorce

Jessica Livingston, Founder, Y Combinator

Kathryn Minshew, Founder, the Muse

Ann Johnson, Founder, Interana

Jessica Mah, Founder, inDinero


1 April 2104

Program:Percona Live MySQL Convention and Fair 2014

The Percona Live MySQL Convention and Fair is the top celebration for the prosperous and diversified MySQL ecosystem. It is the spot for the open source community and businesses that flourish in the MySQL industry. Participants include SysAdmins, DBAs, architects, developers, CEOs, vendors and CTOs from around the world.

15 August

Program:Society for the Study of Social Problems Seminar


  1. Kelly L. Patterson, Co-Chair and Robert M. Silverman, Co-Chair from State University of New York at Buffalo
  2. Benigno E. Aguirre and Kathleen M. Blee from University of Pittsburgh
  3. Filomena M. Critelli from State University of New York at Buffalo
  4. Marlese Durr from Wright State University
  5. Jennifer Shea from San Francisco State University
  6. Gregory D. Squires from George Washington University


26thOctober 2014

Program:C MAA 2013 Rising Construction Manager Conference

Be a part of your co-workers and colleagues for a couple of days of education, business, inspiration and networking, The 2013 Rising CM Convention is an intelligent commitment and investment with one on one economic advantage for you and your company.


6th November 2014


This conference in SAN FRANCISCO will have 30 SPEAKERS, 200 ATTENDEES

By attending this conference, you will get an exclusive chance to communicate with business leaders, entrepreneurs and influential technologists leading the online environment. Discover and be connected with 200+ industry founders sharing best techniques to progress the interconnected, smart world and get ready for innovative industrial Internet options.  You will meet Technologists, Industry Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Investors, Senior Executives, and Business Managers. The conference will cover topics such as the Internet of Things, Open Data, Sensors, Big Data, Future Cities, Healthcare, and M2M.

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