What to Wear At Conferences

When asking yourself what to wear at conferences you have to take into consideration that you are representing not only yourself as a person but as a company and business entity as well. That being said, it is very important that you convey a highly professional attitude and persona during the entire course of the conference by your attitude and your attire which means that you must understand what to wear at conferences as well as what not to wear. Here are some important tips on do’s and don’ts concerning what to wear at conferences.


  • Dress in a manner that represents the conference you are attending. In most cases a dress and pants suits as well as a business casual attire is acceptable.
  • Wear proper shoes. For women and men this might include proper dresses, respectively shoes in different styles varying from heels and flats to loafers and certain types of boots.
  • Dress appropriately at all times even when conference hours have not been concluded. You may see potential clients and business partners in the area of the conference and it is important to keep a professional appearance at all times.
  • Dress according to the climate and weather of the conference. Dressing appropriately according to the weather shows preservation and conveys professionalism.
  • Prepare ahead concerning what to wear at conferences. Accidents may happen and the weather may change, it is important to be ready, so be prepared with proper and sufficient attires as well as other needed items.
  • Wear properly fitted clothing.

As well as preparing and dressing appropriately, it is important to avoid certain clichés and certain don’ts concerning the topic of what to wear at conferences.


  • Wear anything too revealing or inappropriate. It is important to convey respect and professionalism while attending a conference.
  • Wear clothing that is too uncomfortable or ill fitting. If you are unable to move and act with confidence in your clothing, your attitude and conduct will seem uncomfortable and less professional.
  • Wear any clothing that promotes or portrays any offense image or words of any kind. It is important to be neutral and professional during a conference and avoid offending piers and business associates by poor or ill though out clothing choices.
  • Wear clothing that is torn, baggy, faded or dirty. Your clothes are the first thing that is seen by others, it is important for them to be in a proper and clean condition.
  • Wear scuffed shoes or shoes that do not fit the theme and tone of the conference. In most cases faded sneakers, tennis shoes or sandals are not appropriate to be worn at a conference.

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